Listing Fees starting at 1% (3.5% TOTAL Commission)

Thinking about selling your home but not crazy about paying 5-6% commission to your real estate agent?   You came to the right place.

We are a full service agency that specializes in selling real estate, and we do it for as low as 3.5% TOTAL commission upon closing.

With a traditional real estate agency you will almost never be able to sell your home for less than 5%. As a matter of fact, an average commission rate in Chicagoland is between 5 and 6% of the sale price. For example, if your home sells for $300,000, total commission you would have to pay to an agency is between $15,000 and $18,000.  We bet you would like to preserve some of this equity.  In general, 2.5% is given as a cooperative commission to the agency that brought the buyer, while the remaining 2.5-3.5% will remain with your listing agency.

Our Commission Structure



The year 2019 is seller’s market.  The supply of real estate continues to be low so buyers are fighting for a good property.  The fact is that, in general, the listing office will post your listing on MLS and on few other related online real estate sites. If your property is in good shape and properly priced it will be sold within the first two weeks.  Charging full commission for this amount of work is unreasonable.  We are revolutionizing the market by offering you the same level of service, which includes marketing your property on MLS as well as other online and social media, all while saving you, on average, 1.5% of equity. As in the example above, $4,500.

What we do differently

How are we able to sell your home for so much less?  We eliminate things that are time consuming and we focus on what works:

What works

– MLS- listing your home on MLS will mean that all agents and many buyers will immediately be notified that your home is now for sale.

– Online media- Other publicly available home search sites- Zillow, Trulia, are only an example of online media where your home will show up.  Even if a prospective buyer is not working with an agent, so long as they are actively searching online, they will see your home.  According to recent data by, 100% of buyers have used internet during their online search, while 82% of the buyer found online resources helpful when searching for a new home.

– Engaging signage- anyone driving through your neighborhood will know your house is for sale.

– Automatic appointment scheduling- due to revolutions in technology, you, the seller, is now notified in several different ways of appointment requests.  You can approve or reject them, without the need of engaging the agent directly every time.

– Electronic Lockboxes- They look cool and produce reports of everyone coming into your home.  You will be impressed.

– Engaging material- once prospective buyer is in your home, they will be given a beautiful brochure that will make them remember your home.

– Professional photos and staging suggestions- your home has to be sale ready.  We have many years of experience and we work with partners who will make your home look good.  We will give you great tips to ensure a quick sale.

– Digital signatures- Agents can now do a lot of things remotely.  Signing agreements, disclosures, etc, can now be done electronically.  We have the tools to give you the control of selling your home.  And yes, we are there to lead the sale.

What doesn’t work:

– Print media- does anyone read stuff on paper anymore?

– Cold calling- Too time consuming.  People do not want to be bothered.  It’s all online now.

Dan Cuckovic

Owner/Managing Broker

With over 10 years of experience in buying, selling and investing in real estate we promise you the best experience and a seamless process. Contact us today to start the process of selling or buying your home



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